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Restore, Save and Protect your Treasured Photographs

Nothing  connects the generations like a photograph labeled and preserved for everyone to enjoy and literally look back to ones origins. By the same token, nothing is more tragic historically than a heap of once treasured photographs at an estate sale or auction with no names or places to identify them. Hundreds perhaps thousands of people would covet the chance to own them but they will never make the connection.  After the passing of a loved one, I have on more than one occasion, saved families from feuding over the photographs left behind by making originals available to everyone. 

What I do is digitally restore and preserve these treasured photographs, if known, I can embed names and stories into the properties of the digital reproductions and it can never be separated. I use the latest technology and top of the line digital equipment, my “original copies” almost always exceed the original in quality. My work is the love of my life and the quality shows.

There is plenty of room at the mall.